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Dental Therapist Fees

As well as doing all the work that a Dental Hygienist does, a Dental Therapist can also carry out some dental procedures that patients are more used to a dentist doing.

 A dental therapist can do fillings, extract ‘baby’ teeth, place preformed crowns on baby teeth and do treatments using all the materials a dentist would use. As long as an adult tooth does not need treatment to the nerve of the tooth, a dental therapist can fill or restore any part of the tooth that needs treatment. They do not do restorations, such as crowns, to adult teeth.

Carly strives to provide the best possible treatment and preventative advice for each individual patient in a relaxed and friendly manner.


Dental Therapist Fee Guide for Children- 2024



Exam- Child Under 6 years

Free (With registered family member)


£15 (Without a registered family member)

New Patient Exam- Child Over 6 years


Hygienist (30 mins)    


Filling (Small)


Filling (Medium)


Filling (Large)


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